Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday 29th December

Finally, some more progress :-)

Today Howard made the two rear chassis extensions and trimmed the rear panel of the fibre glass top to fit between the new extensions.

 This is the left hand side rear with the new extension top most. All the holes below are the mountings for the idler adjustment.
 This view is looking across the rear panel of the fibre glass top towards the right hand extension.
 A different view of the left hand extension without the top on.
Looking across the rear without the top (rear panel) in the way.

 Howard welds the steel bottom onto the sides...
 ...and the cleans up the weld with the grinder. The steel bottom and sides are here removed from the chassis frame.
A close up picture of the lower glacis and belly plate which is all one piece bolted to the floor and the inner sides of the gearbox.

Tomorrow we're going to make a start on the smoke generator and exhaust arrangement, mounting the main batteries and making a new rear panel engine hatch!

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