Saturday, 3 March 2012

Done some modifications to Johnnys Sturmtiger today, just to rewire the dolly sockets a bit! He wanted two servo connections to the commander dolly socket and just a supply to the forward dolly socket. Whatever :-)
 Here's the Sturmtiger on the table ready to be worked on.
 Once the tops off, you can see the control panel, to the right, with the removable front panel with the dolly control board box loose on the right.
Inside the dolly box is the Picaxe programable control board. This is connected to the five pin socket in the foreground which fits in the top of the control panel for the commander figure to plug into! The two sockets you can see the back of above the box are the superstructure connection to the left (elevation, MG led and Cannon led) and the front dolly socket to the right.
This model is now finished and will go back on the big yellow truck :-)

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