Saturday, 31 March 2012

Todays work!

Today was a day of watching Howard, nothing new you might say, but there's some things I cant do! Anyway, work progresses on a customers replacement chassis for a M-1-T chassis.

The first pic shows the existing sprockets fitted with Howards patented drive shaft fitting, a split clamp with a keyway.
The next two pics show the tin tub which is just the outside of the new chassis assembly. There is a frame which is the strength of the chassis, which fits inside this tub. First the Hammerited inside,
then the red oxide outside,
Once masked up, the tub was painted green on the outside,
and the sprockets and other bits and bobs were painted green as well.
While we were outside painting (the Royal we!) I took a couple of pictures of Howards chassis pile!
And a close up of the tin top made for Howards half track made at the same time as Kaths. If we dont finish it soon, it'll rust away to nothing!!!
Also today, Howard modified the Stug IV idler stub axles with a deeper groove for the idler fixing circlips. All good fun :-)

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