Saturday, 16 June 2012

Big Panther arrives in the Squirel Works

Here's a few detail pictures of the big Panther in my workshop. It sure is big! I think it'll keep us busy for some time :-)

 Howard in the background shows just how big it really is :-0
 Unfortunately this is the earlier 18 bolt pattern wheel whereas I want 24 bolt so.... :-(

I'll be replacing most of the tools with those that I've scratchbuilt using the Panzer Tracts scale drawings for reference.

 The detailing on the engine deck is very good. Of course, we'll be doing bits and bobs to improve it further but it aint bad to start with!
 The fan grills...
 ..and gratings are seperate casts made we think from resin.
 The engine hatch has two hex bolts with catches on it! They might have to come off as I can see me getting the hatch stuck!
 The loaders hatch opens as you can see but needs making a bit stronger as I can see that breaking.
 I didnt know the model was going to come with a crew heater (originaly the order was for a early G) but it did and like the fan grills it is bolted on. Again not 100% but do-able!
 The aerial mount is obviously a casting as its got bubble holes in it!!! No prob, we can sort that :-)

 The hatches open...
 and again have catches. These may well be sealed as I dont envisage having any crew figures in the hatch or switches and controls.
 The drivers periscope rotates and will be animated with a servo and dolly board.
 The kugelblende is ok but needs the steps moulding within the apeture. I have a lovely hand made 1/4 scale armoured MG34 barrel to replace this one and it will be animated and synched to the Benedini MG sounds.
 The headlight is rather big! The mount isnt quite right, but apart from that its fine :-)
 The schurzen brackets are rather nice and may well be re-used although not riveted on!!

Beneath the engine hatch will be all the switches, charging socket, battery meter etc.

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