Sunday, 24 June 2012

Big Panther Dismantled!

This weekend the Big Panther has been stripped down to its component parts! Lots of measuring and comparing and I'm pleased to say most of the dimensions and angles are spot on. The ones that arent are near enough. One thing we've spotted is the turret rear sides are at the wrong angle and are too small, this will be corrected in the fullness of time. The turret base has been removed as Howard has some fancy idea for this! Now we assess all the parts for suitablility, strength, accuracy and modify, upgrade or replace as neccessary, this might take some time!!! Anyway, a few pics of this weekends work including our little furry helper Batty :-)

 Howard makes some adjustments with the angle grinder!
 The hull top with all details and fittings removed.
 The Hull and chassis also completely stripped. Howard reckons we can move the sprocket further forward by using two stages of gear reduction. We shall see!
 Here's one of my cats, Batty, having a look round giving the Big Panther his seal of approval...
...and we couldnt believe it when he got inside (of his own volition I would add) and stuck his head out of the coppola!!! What a nutter :-)

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