Saturday, 8 September 2012

Friday 7th Sept

Howards been a busy bee while I've been away enjoying myself! He's cracked on with the two 30mm square tube main frames which incorporate the swing arm bushes and suspension mounts.

Its a little difficult to see here with all the other clutter but its clamped in the vice and pointing to the left!
Here's a close up of one of the suspension components. Using threaded rod (sleeved to prevent that awful twanging noise that you sometimes get with coil springs) each position is independantly adjustable as we wont know how the finished model will sit/ride until its done!
Excuse the smoke but H was having a fag break! This is a view of the other side of the main chassis rail with the swing arms prevalent. Of course, these will have axles fitted for the wheels to sit on.
Here's the right hand adjustable idler assembley. The idler arm as you can see is fairly chunky :-) Everything is keyed to to prevent the assembley slipping. The angled plate behind will be welded to the end of the above main frames and the sloping angle to the left is the rear panel (where the exhausts sit!).
This is the other side of the above...
...and here it is with the adjustment mechanism fitted. The threaded rod turns mounted in its brass sleeves in the two horizontal bearers which draws the brass threaded boss too and fro in the funny shaped square block seen clearer in the above pic.

All will become clear when all these assembleys are fitted to the main frame/frames but Howard is relcutant to do this until all the he's happy with it all as when it goes together it will be awkward to work round it all because of its size!

Today (Saturday 8th) we (yes, I know, the Royal we!) are concentrating on mounting the motors to the adjustment mechanisms. Hopefully some more pictures today or tommorow :-)

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