Monday, 17 September 2012

Last Weekend!

Last weekend was mainly about sprockets! H has made new spacers between the sprocket rings as I want to make a dummy cone shape to fit between the rings to represent the casting of the sprocket assembly. These new spacers are thick tubes so the bolts fit into threaded holes in the tube. As it has no flange, a dummy cone shape can be made out of nylon and slid over the tube. The inner ring has a split collar bolted to it which incorporates a keyway. The keyway stops it turning and the clamp bolt allows a little side to side adjustment!

 With a Coke can for scale, heres a finished sprocket showing the split collar arrangement with its keyway and below a close up.

 And the next three pictures show the two sprockets mounted on the gearbox assembly, again with the coke can for scale. You can start to see the size of the thing now!

Apart from the sprocket rings, chain and chain sprockets, Howards made all this from scratch! Worth his weight in curry's now (especialy as he's not so heavy now!).

We were looking at what nuts to use around the sprocket ring and have decided on three mm nylok nuts as they look the part. I have tried cutting them with slots to make them look like castle nuts which they should be but this wasnt very successful so plain old nuts they'll be, unless anybody's got any ideas???

More, as they say, as and when. Hopefully some work on the wheels next weekend :-)

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