Sunday, 21 October 2012

More Wheels :-(

Finished all the wheels today (Sunday). We made some steel rings up to represent the step in the back of the wheels, seen on this real wheel,
unfortunately, the way that the wheels have been made, the flat section towards the rim is wider than it should be as in this picture,
so we made the disc wider than it should be otherwise it would have looked silly the correct width, if you see what I mean! Anyway, below is a picture of a ring inset in the wheel,
and below with all the nuts and bolts fitted and the centre reprofiled and bolts fitted.
Once its got some paint on it, it should look about right. There are some limits with all this re-manufacturing and compromises to be made but hopefully the whole effect will be alright!
Next we've got the wheel caps to modify with seperate bolt heads so we can fit tab washers behind them and to flatten the domed centre which on the supplied caps is to prominent. Watch this space.

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