Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wheel caps!

This weekend has been all about wheelcaps!

It took me all weekend to modify the wheelcaps as supplied from this

 To this! Howard turned down the dome in the centre so instead of looking like a wide brimmed bowler hat it now looks like a little flying saucer! I then removed the cast bolt heads, drilled and tapped holes for proper bolts and then made up the tab washers from 5mm strip. Because the bolt positions are not that accurate, I made each tab washer up individualy by drilling the first hole, bolting it onto the cap then marking and drilling the second hole before fitting the second bolt. Very labour intensive but quite effective I think you'll agree. I timed myself fitting the four tab washers and bolts took 13 minutes for each cap, with sixteen caps thats a lot of minutes :-(
 Just to prove I have done all sixteen!
While I've been busy making the wheelcaps, Howards been modifying the tubes which the wheels fit onto and house the wheel bearings. He's also started making the stub axles for the swing arms as well. Here's a couple of pictures of the wheels on one of the chassis longtitudinals. Its starting to look like a tank again :-)

Check out all those lovely nuts and bolts!!!

Not sure what the plan is next weekend but hopefully we'll be starting to put the chassis together soon!!!

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