Sunday, 27 January 2013

Late January Progress

After an idle weekend last week because of the snow a bit of progress this weekend!

Firstly, a panel was made to mount the 6x9 car speakers on and the aluminium sheet which will be the control panel reached through the engine hatch. Then we assembled the chassis for an all too brief test run. Unfortunately, one of the batteries was flat so we had to lash up something to do the test run which meant we couldnt try a neutral turn or find out the chassis running speed :-( However, it ran smoothly and we were both pleased with it :-) Next week we aim to finish the sheet steelwork and make the electronics panel then it'll be painting time!

 Howard welds the 10mm square tube frame up which will support the pvc sheet speaker panel with his new toy, a Tig welder! It makes a very neat job.
 Here's the panel mounted on the frame which in turn is mounted onto the rear of the chassis.
This side view explains better than words. The chassis is standing nose down and we're looking at the right hand idler shaft. The speaker panel is hinged at the rear for access below.

 This is the bare chassis frame with the transmision towards the right with drive shaft pointing towards the camera, and the idler arrangement to the left with the idler shaft poking out.
 Now with the wheels and sprockets on.
 A close up of the suspension arrangement. Neat eh?
 Now with tracks on...
and with the top on. We were quite pleased with the suspension as it worked well. Even with me stood on the chassis the springs didnt bottom out!!! Its a bit low towards the front (not surprisingly!) so we need to beef up the front couple of wheel stations but otherwise all was ok. If the idler looks a bit too far forward, its on its maximum (or minimum!) travel and as far forward as it will go. We'll make sure it goes more midway when we put the chassis together for keeps. In the foreground is the offending battery on charge (yes I know we should have checked it before hand)

And to prove it all works... :-)

A major step forward this weekend and one we were both pleased with! One thing we did decide on (and fix) is some limit of travel micro switches for the idler adjustment as with the top and tracks on, you havent got a clue where the limit of travel is!!! Onwards and upwards :-)

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