Sunday, 17 February 2013

It Runs!!!

Like the title says, it runs :-) Most of Saturday and part of Sunday was spent assembling the running chassis. We (the Royal We, ie me!) lost one of the sprocket/driveshaft keyways so we had to do a 40 mile round trip to Uckfield to pick up another Saturday evening :-( Still, it kept us out the pub... Howard obviously couldnt sleep as he was up and out in the shed at 07:30AM Sunday morning! It must have been playing on his mind.

Anyway, after assembly the chassis went out for a run. We had to almost immediately adjust the tracks and drive chains but other than that you can see in the video how well it ran. We need to beef up the adjustment bolts for the second drive chain as these pulled slack. The rubber tyres were only placed on the wheels, these fell off more or less straight away hence why the model is making a lot of noise in the video (similar to a King Tiger, tracks on wheels). These need to be glued on when we've decided to what to use! We had a problem with one of the gearboxes of the rear idler adjustment so we need to get another :-/ Other than that we were pretty pleased with the speed, the power for turning and steering and the smoothness of the running.

 The rear idler adjustment assemblies mounted onto the end of the idler shafts.
 The transmission starting to come together...
 Howard assembles the secondary shaft in the transmission.
 The driveshaft fitted to the lefthand side
 And from the front, the drive shafts fitted with the central connecting shaft and the second drive chains fitted.
 Sprockets fitted.
 The suspension components being fitted. First the spring guide arms...
 ...then the internal swing arms and springs.
 Motors fitted showing them mounted on their adjustment plates and with both chains.
The main speakers and Aluminium plate which will be the control panel when finished.
And the speaker panel lifted to show the smoke generator beneath. Note the nifty prop :-)

 Here's the running video. For some reason the video wont upload to the Blog so here's the link to YouTube.

Not bad for a first run, we were all pleased with the speed, power and running :-)
Not that I caught it on video but here's evidence of the chassis's power. Hopefully the neighbours wont be too upset :-/

Not too sure whats on the agenda for next week. Possibly turret traverse! Watch this space.

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